Instant creation and deployment of data collection applications.

Provide feature rich and robust off-line/on-line data collection apps including data entry, multimedia capturing, location and other powerful features. Allows validation of data and dynamic behavior based on the data entered.


Graphometric Signature

Fill and sign documents off-line
  • Fast and efficient data entry using reports
  • Merge entered data into desired PDF form on the device
  • Presentation of resulting PDF document
  • Capture of graphometric signature (including multiple signees)
  • Sealing of the resulting document with digital certificate
  • Secure transmission of data and PDF document to the server

Power by Namirial S.p.A signing technology.



Data analysis using embedded QLIKSENSE platform

Location Tracker

Track real time user location
  • Continuous real-time tracking of user location.
  • Locations recorded on the device and sent the server.
  • Frequency, accuracy and timing are subject to setup
  • Location tracking can be displayed in GAZPACHO BO or integrated to back-office systems
  • Installed as separate module on the mobile device

Display on map

  • last location of users
  • location history of users

Location can be based on activity (reports and tasks of the user) or on Location Tracker module (if used)




Real time task management

Your organization’s tasks are handled by a single platform, with end to end transparency.
Managers can easily follow up on their team’s field actions in real time, effectively and with no cumbersome paperwork.

  • Push tasks to field personnel
  • Include any data needed about the task
  •  Set task execution workflow
  •  Connect task with one or more reports to get information of what has been done.
  •  Integration with navigation and other apps
  • Use back office to create, send and follow up on tasks.
  • Use Web Service API to send tasks and obtain execution results.


Video capturing and live sharing

 Capture and share live video with no hassle
  • Capture video for future playback
  • Share live video from the mobile phone/tablet to other users phones/tablets
  • No hassle, no flooding of the phone with video files.
  • Live video stream to the server.
  • Simple to use: video field can be included into any report.

Barcode Scanning

Professional barcode scanning via camera

Our barcode scanning is based on the best algorithms available in the market to ensure easy, fast and accurate result.

  • Super fast scanning of barcodes and QR codes using phone’s camera
  •  Scan under any angle
  •  Scan in imperfect lighting conditions
  •  Multiple formats supported
  • Simple to use: barcode field can be used in any report.


Process Management

Multi-step and multi-user processes

Allows execution and monitoring of multi-step business processes involving reports and tasks of multiple users on one platform.  For example:

  • User A submits a ticket report to the system.
  • The system generates a task to user B to take care of the problem.
  • User B receives the task on his/he mobile device and completes it.
  • User C reviews and approves the process using Gazpacho back office.


Allows participation of both mobile and back office users in the process.

Quick and cost effective solution for digitalization of business processes.



Rich Data & Multimedia – Gazpacho provides advanced ingredients you can mix into your own special flavor. Our recipe ranges from simple data entry to legally valid signatures, images, voice notes, barcode and document scanning, GPS location and constantly evolving new elements.

Centralized Task Management – Your organization’s tasks are handled by a single platform, with end to end transparency. Managers can easily follow up on their team’s field actions in real time, effectively and with no cumbersome paperwork.

Seamless Work, Online or Offline – You can smoothly work anywhere, anytime, with or without internet connection, including the most advanced features you need, ensuring continuous operation. During offline work, all the information is stored on the device for synchronization.

Legally Valid Signatures – Gazpacho supports graphometric signatures on mobile devices. Complying with international standards, Gazpacho digitally captures handwritten signatures with biometric characteristics for legal authentication.  The signing process is separated from the data entry, allowing fast, simple form filling on mobile devices of any size. Furthermore, the signature is securely embedded in the document and linked to the content.

User-Friendly Backoffice – Gazpacho’s web-based backoffice enables simple and easy system and user management. It is used to create and manage the entire application. An end to end system, it provides you with full independence in managing the app, including data analysis and control.

Security – A field proven system, Gazpacho has been reliably serving hundreds of thousands of users, and performing millions of field operations since 2009. Gazpacho ensures your data’s security on the device, during transmission and on the server.

Integration with Customer Backoffice – Gazpacho offers a high degree of flexibility for integration with customer systems, for connecting processes and tasks.  Integration is performed via Web Sevice API, enabling user-collected data to be smoothly merged into enterprise information systems.

Integration with 3rd Party Apps on the Device – Gazpacho’s mobile client can easily be integrated with 3rd party apps such as Google Maps or Waze. It can be part of the end user app, or of a broader customer solution.

Exceptional Performance – Thousands of daily actions are performed by Gazpacho in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, and vast amounts of data can be stored on the device.