Data Entry (Reports) is THE input for the organization’s activity in order to control and manage any field activity.

GAZPACHO’s reports module is immediate and simple.

It offers and easy way to define report mobile applications and deploy them in minutes to all relevant mobile employees.

The Report module offers a wide variety of advanced features:

  • On line and Off line operation ensuring continuous non-stop field operations
  • Ability to handle vast amount of data
  • Choose from a wide variety of ready-made interactions including:
    • Rich data (text, numeric, date and more)
    • Multimedia
    • Value lists (selection)
    • Live video
    • Sketch
    • Barcode
    • Location
    • Document scanning
    • Legally Valid Signature
    • Data Validation
    • And many more…
  • Automatic location
  • Automatic timestamp
  • Innovative BackOffice interface enable easy and fast operation and deployment
  • Dynamic behavior: Flexibility to support changes when needed and react to needs as the occur

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