Gazpacho for Retail and Distribution

Agile in-store execution platform making store visits effective, focused and controllable, instantly turning detailed
information collected in each store into valuable knowledge, accessible and analyzable on any level.

Netalizer has a privilege of serving distribution and retail companies for last 14 years, focusing on solutions for the
field and in-store personnel of the customers.

This vast experience and close relationship tunes our Gazpacho platform to provide whatever is necessary for
taking care of core KPAs of in-store execution:

Product Availability

On the shelf
In the warehouse
Out of stock
Share of shelf

Product Position

Product Location
Competitor Mapping
Planogram Compliance


Point of sale materials
Secondary Displays
Product launches
Seasonal campaigns


Price compliance
Competitor prices
Promotional prices

Trusted by the leading retailers
for the last 14 years

Ten of Thousands of users
Millions of activities anually
World Wide activity

The challenges we solve

GAZPACHO has the right ingredients for your success

Best in-Store mobile data
collection application

Easy to use intuitive
User Interface

Exceptional Performance

One application for
all retail tasks

Off-Line operation to ensure
continuous work

Management of multi user processes

Gazpacho Mobile Features

GAZPACHO RETAIL is a blend of one of the most powerful and flexible mobile platforms in the world and over decade of experience in in-store operation with food, consumer products, electronics distribution organizations.

GAZPACHO allows you to instantly build and deploy any type of in-store activity that you need, from one-time missions to daily routine tasks. You do not need to follow templates created by someone else. You can easily build your own and change them over the time to refine execution process and address changes and new business needs

Best in industry
data collection
Single application
for all missions
Multi-user flows
and processes
Off-Line Operation

Efficient and accurate data collection with intuitive and robust user interface, allowing use of phones or tablets for any project


GAZPACHO offers an unmatched set of features and interaction types, starting from simple data entry, image, location to the most advanced and innovative table data entry support, allowing multidimensional data entry. These wide variety of features are supported even on small screen devices


No need for installation of new solutions or updates. Zero time from idea to deployment


All tasks and reporting activity is done using a single GAZPACHO mobile native app with its unmatched set and depth of features without a need for deployment and installation for any new activity.


Automate routine tasks involving multiple users. Shorten cycle time and ensure quality of operation.


GAZPACHO has an embedded process management engine. The process engine enables any organization, on a single platform, to manage a full process, starting with a field report, including any number of stages, until successful completion of the process


Seamless and continuous operation anytime anywhere


GAZPACHO native application is designed with the ability to process vast amount of information even offline, ensuring continuous operation wherever the activity is taking place

Intuitive and
simple to use UI
Flexibility &
Cloud base

Quick adoption, minimal training needed


GAZPACHO is being used by thousands of mobile users with different levels of education, training and usage capabilities of the mobile apps. Leveraging almost 2 decades of mobile UI expertise, GAZPACHO’s intuitive and simple UI makes the deployment process and usage fast, simple and fluent.


Use of inexpensive smart phones and tablets for any size of mission.


GAZPACHO was developed based on almost two decades of mobile application development thus it’s exceptional high performance is ensured on devices purchase without compromising the efficiency and offer big saving when considering the devices to buy


No growth barriers – neither in solutions nor in number of users


GAZPACHO is a field proven solution, serving customers worldwide for over 8 years, from small companies to mega enterprises, spanning over multiple industries and countries. GAZPACHO flexibility and scalability eliminates any future barriers either in the solutions it can provide or in the number of users. GAZPACHO is a long-term solution for the mobile needs


Immediate deployment, no maintenance costs, affordability


GAZPACHO is a cloud based service. We have over 14 years of experience in providing cloud services (On-premise operation is also available)

and KPIs

Powered By

GAZPACHO provides sophisticated business intelligence and analysis tools based on the world renowned QlikSense technology. It allows you to turn the data collected in field into the knowledge with great amount of flexibility, powerful display and analytics tools and ability to instantly customize your solution with few clicks and follow the important KPIs.


  • Time in route
  • Time in store
  • Number of visits made vs planned
  • Completeness of information


  • Product availability on the shelf (SKU, Category)
  • Product availability in warehouse (SKU, Category)
  • Product shelf share (SKU, Category)
  • Special exhibitions presence and count (SKU, Category, Store)
  • Actual price vs suggested price
  • Price vs competitors
  • Planogram compliance (category, store)