Overview & Benefits

Instantly mobilize your organization and accelerate your business

Gazpacho is a mobile solutions platform that enables you to instantly mobilize your organization and increase your productivity. For any mobile activity, be it deliveries, inspections, sales activities or other – Gazpacho makes it all much, much more efficient.

Gazpacho offers you an experience so intuitive and personalized, that you’ll be unable to imagine your workflow without it.

Gazpacho is simple to use and drives fast adoption, so in just a few days you can smoothly stir it into your daily work.

To let you focus on what matters most, Gazpacho provides outstanding reliability and performance, backed by over 10 years of customer satisfaction, and millions of transactions a year.

Simple to use
No tech skills required.

For any industry, purpose and company size

Cloud solution for instant use


Subscription based solution with immediate ROI

Feature rich

Feature rich
Legally valid signatures, multimedia, location, offline operation, and more multi-platform

  • Route inspection
  • Station inspection
  • Public transportation
  • Delivery management
  • Safety
  • Safety & security
  • Schools and kindergarten
  • Property inspection and inventory
  • Water & plumbing
Food & Consumer
  • Store inspection
  • Inventory
  • In-store marketing management
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Customer enrollment
  • Contract signing
Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Fuel)
  • Meter reading Meter installation and maintenance
  • Damage reporting
  • Fraud prevention
  • Task dispatch
Car Towing
  • Documenting car towing status
  • Task management
  • Data transfer to insurance companies.