Gazpacho and the City

The Challenge:

Managing any modern, diverse and hectic city, small or big, requires an infinite number of field activities done by thousands of field workers, managers, subcontractors and others, all working hard to provide high quality, efficient and responsive service to hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors. The wide range of activities includes both the city’s initiated tasks & occasional events.
Effective management of such a variety of activities requires monitoring and control at any given time.

The Solution:

Gazpacho, a platform developed by Netalizer, offers a solution to those challenges in all areas of activities: security, protection, education, gardening, sanitation, signage and many more.
Optional integration to the back office information systems of enables connection to other IT systems almost seamlessly.

The Advantages:

Using Gazpacho enables to providing quick, flexible and affordable responses to any mobile need that arises in the city.
Gazpacho brings huge savings in costs and resources, optimization and streamlining of the field activities and a significant improvement in quality of service to the residents and guests of the city.

Street cleaning

Street cleaning

A clean city is a city that is well managed.
Keeping the city clean is an ongoing task that involves many employees, subcontractors and equipment. A strict control and followup is a must.

Field inspection using mobile solution is the effective way to carry out the task. Whenever deviation is found, the location and picture of the area in subject shall be reported to the backoffice and to the cleaning company.

By using GAZPACHO the information is easily collected, sent to the back office and processed instantly.


  1. Online information from the filed
  2. Solution cycle time is minimal
  3. Savings: payment to the cleaning company is done only for areas that are checked out clean


Keeping city’s gardens beautiful and clean is an ongoing task that involves many employees, subcontractors and equipment. A strict control and follow-up is a must.

By using GAZPACHO the gardening department can inform it’s employees and subcontractors about a work that must be done, get reports of the progress and analyze the data to avoid development/spread of deceases or damage.


  1. Online information from the field
  2. Management of the people in the field
  3. Solution cycle time is minimal
  4. Savings in work time and purchase of unnecessary goods and services.
Garbage collection

Garbage collection

Managing garbage collection requires knowing a lot of information in real time:

Is it collected on time?

What is the state of the garbage cans?

Is the place left clean once the job is done?

Controlling this important issue has health and environmental aspects as well as economic ones.

Using GAZPACHO for field inspection and data collection ensures up-to-date data, which enables dealing with any problem as soon as possible.


  1. Controlling the garbage collection in the city
  2. Ensuring that the work is properly done
  3. Taking care of the propriety of the equipment
Damage control & reports

Damage control & reports

Understanding the scope of the damage and reporting it on time is essential for proper response and corrective actions. Having legally valid evidence of the damage can be invaluable if there is a need to sue 3rd party.

Collection of location and time-stamped images of the damage in field and immediate transmission of them to the back office is an easy and effective way to deal with an issue. In compicated cases, live video-sharing between employees is a blust.

The information is collected and sent to the relevant people in order to take care of the problem as soon as possible, based on the severity.


  1. Easy and real-time collection of data
  2. Using video-sharing allows making correct decisions on-time and provides many time even better prospective on the damage than still images.
  3. Using mobile phones of employees makes possible to multiply number of potential damage reporters.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

How important is it to manage and control safety / security activities ?

One might say it is never enough…

Security forces are moving around, inspection is done all the time, many guards and security personnel…

All activities must be reported and monitored, and issues must be handled ASAP.

GAZPACHO enables reporting and task management of the field personnel.




Managing the educational institutes, making sure that everything works for the benefit of the children (and parents) is a complex operation: transporting to and from the schools and kindergartens, making sure fresh food is served on-time, monitoring cleanness of kitchens, toilets and making sure all the equipment is well kept. I addition, once there is a problem it is important to report it and handle it ASAP.

By using GAZPACHO data flow is immediate and accurate and the information is transferred to those who need to sort the issue. In addition there is a full documentation of the events for future use, if needed.


  1. Immediate flow of data
  2. Accuracy of the information to enable best handling of the issues
  3. Handling all issues as they occur
  4. Making sure all operations are done up to the standard
Water services

Water services

Providing water services requires a lot of field activities, including installation and replacemetns of pipes, meters, meter reading and more.

Gazpacho is used for more than 6 years to manage tasks of employees and collect the data in all the necessary activities.


  1. Effective management of field personnel
  2. Accurate data
  3. Avoid loss of income and handling customer complaints


Monitoring and controlling the transportation in a city including driving kids to schools & kindergartens, elderly or disabled people and many more.
There is a schedule and you must follow the plan.
That is way it is essential to have exact information what need to be done and what is actually happening.
With GAZPACHO the task is simpler: sending task to the field and receiving accurate information regarding the job, the vehicles and the drivers.


  1. Receiving Online information
  2. Dealing with exceptions on the spot
  3. Managing routes and times
Playground inspection

Playground inspection
Keeping the safety of the children in mind

Proper maintenance makes sure that all the equipment is properly maintained and no harm can be done to those playing.

Once there is a problem it should be reported on fixed as fast as possible

Same goes with routine inspections which are made periodically


  1. Assuring quick and professional maintenance
  2. Documentation of any issue for future reference
  3. Enables proper control over subcontractors work
  4. Saving time and money
Asset management

Assets Management

The number of assets managed by the city is enormous. Be it a routine checkup or dealing with maintenance, a lot of information is gathered and many activities must be managed which could involve a large number of employees both in the field and in the back office.

Gazpacho enables to easily get the information, initiate a report and manage the tasks


  1. Easy collection of data
  2. Immediate flow of information including picture, video and location
  3. Managing the whole process or inspection and / or maintenance
  4. Can be implemented by the assets owner / users, by the field force and by the back office users


Parking is a major issue in the day to day life in every city.

From one hand, managing parking spaces status and availability and on the other hand parking control and supervision.

It is a major issue for the city’s residents and visitors.

It is a major issue for the city’s authorities and a major source of income.

Management and control are vital for all.


  1. Field inspectors can fully document any parking issue
  2. Usage of any mobile device to collect important data
  3. Online connection to back office systems
  4. Accurate data right from the field
  5. Ability to act immediately
  6. Document valuable data for future use
Illegal construction and billboard

Illegal construction and billboard

Every city has its own regulation regarding signage, construction and usage of property.

Enforcing those regulations and reporting on any felony is a legal issue, involving fines and sometimes court ruling.

Everything must be documented including detailed pictures, location and data.

Gazpacho enables collecting these data items with any mobile device


  1. Usage of any mobile device to collect important data
  2. Online connection to back office systems
  3. Accurate data right from the field
  4. Ability to act immediately
  5. Document valuable data for future use
Ticket opening with municipal service desk

Ticket opening with municipal service desk

Any event in a city that requires attention consists of information, task and action done based on the process. Once a ticket was open (which include the information) the system generate an automatic task to the relevant people that need to act. Once action was taken a new report is issued either closing the action or initiating a new one.

The information is integrated with the back-office systems to allow full control and management


  1. Automatic generation of tasks based on initial report
  2. Enabling full control of the process
  3. Faster more efficient reaction to events
  4. Full documentation of the process and the field activity